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Introduction - 04/19/2020

Hello, friends! Welcome to my new blog from my home in beautiful Tucson, Arizona! Some of you may remember my first blog which I began in 2009, called "My Year in LA." It was supposed to chronicle my marriage-saving compromise of my year spent acting full-time in LA. Unfortunately, the marriage was not saved, and I ended the blog after less than a year. I ended up living and working as an actress in LA through the end of 2016, when I decided to retire at age 59 and move to the warm, dry desert. I have lived in Tucson since January, 2017, and my autoimmune diseases are mostly kept in check here due to low stress and the wonderful climate. Mostly, anyway.

I will be updating this on a more or less weekly basis. I'll be writing about my simple life here with my pug, Clarabelle, my jobs as a substitute teacher, senior caregiver, and food delivery driver, my favorite Movies, TV, and Music, tourism in Arizona (and elsewhere, when I can afford it), and life lessons I've learned from divorce, dating, illness, and more. I hope you'll enjoy reading!

#desertlife #pug #lifelessons

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