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Love for Sale- 07/30/2020

After Clara died, my apartment felt so empty and quiet. She wasn't a loud dog, but just her presence was enough to fill up the space. My heartbreak was overwhelming to me. I could barely stand to stay in my place because I was so lonely. I had trouble sleeping at night because she always slept with me. And in my car, I couldn't stand the empty seat where she used to ride. So I realized that I needed to get another dog, sooner rather than later.

There are many options for choosing a dog. Usually you choose the breed that is right for you. I've had two pugs, and I really wanted another one. I started looking online with Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network. They have had a total of five pugs available in the last month. I sent an application in for both foster and rescue, and never heard anything back from them. I put in applications at the other Arizona pug rescues; again, no one got back in touch with me. I applied at The Pug Queen in LA and at the San Diego Pug Rescue, where there are more pugs but also many more takers. I expressed interest in several dogs at the Pima County Animal Care unit, only to have them disappear by the time my appointment to see them came around. It's not like pre-COVID, where you could just go to the shelter and pick a dog. You have to pre-select on the website, then get an appointment to meet them, and hope they are still there. I lost all the ones I wanted to adopt. Most of the dogs in the shelter are too big for me or not allowed in my complex (pit bulls are common, and while I personally love them, they are not allowed here). I couldn't even find a pug mix.

So I went to look at Craigslist, where dogs are offered for sale, as well as some of the pug breeders around the USA. There are very few pug breeders in Arizona; most of them are back East, I think due to the heat here. The ones that I found through the AKC site started at $1200 and went up to over $4000 for a pug puppy! I think I made the wrong career choice. I should have been a breeder! I saw French Bulldogs, the most popular small breed in the US now, listed for $8000! I am amazed at what people will pay for a pet. Even the dogs at the shelter are not free; the least I have seen adoptions for is $100 up to about $600. I really wanted another girl but the one I found, or who found me, was a two-week old male. On the day that I went to get him, I woke up thinking, "I get to go meet Timmy" today, so Timmy is his name. He is a perfect little specimen of pug, just very tiny.

Suddenly my home feels happy again. There is a tiny being here with me that needs me totally. I get the privilege of raising him and teaching him to be a sociable dog. Some people have tried to shame me because I purchased Timmy rather than rescue an older dog. I did my best to find a rescue and I didn't want to wait any more because my mental health was starting to affect my physical health. I don't have any kids and I'm not in a relationship right now, so he will become my family. I will give him a good life, and he will be my emotional support, as Clara was. I guess when you sell dogs, you are selling love. And I am not going to apologize for getting the dog I want, and need.

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